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Join us every other Saturday and let’s chat Disney.  

We’ll celebrate everything Disney – all the magic, all the fun, all the memories, and even some stuff that’s not so magical.  

We’ll give you all of the latest Disney news, tips for your Disney trips, and discuss different Disney topics – all to help you make the most of your trips and to help keep just a little bit of Disney magic in your life every day.

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1/6/18 – Episode 63 – What You Want To See in 2018
It’s our new year’s episode, and we’re sharing your thoughts on what you’d like to see from Disney in 2018. You all gave us a lot to think about. Plus, we do a quick review of the Disney/Pixar movie Coco!

12/23/17 – Episode 62 – Your Disney Christmas Wishes
It’s our Christmas episode and we’re sharing your Disney Christmas Wishes and a few of our own…..Wishing all of our Disney family a very merry Christmas filled with joy and blessings and a happy new year!


12/9/17 – Episode 61 – WDW If You Won The Lottery
This week, it’s your show! We asked you: Tell is all about WDW if you won the lottery. Listen to hear about all the Disney fun everyone planned when money is no object. 


11/25/17 – Episode 60 – Kimberley Bouchard and Positively Disney
On our latest episode, we’re joined by Kimberley Bouchard, best selling author of the Positively Disney series. Kim talks to us about some of her most inspirational stories, including Princesses making children’s wishes come true, cast members impacting guests’ lives, and so much more! Join us for an inspirational episode just in time for the holidays!

11/11/17 – Episode 59 – Melissa and Curtis’s WDW Baby Announcement
On this episode, it’s all about Melissa and Curtis Wilson’s Disney Baby Announcement! Join us to see how cast members sprinkled pixie dust all over their big reveal! It’s an amazing story you won’t want to miss.

10/28/17 – Episode 58 – Disney With A Special Needs Child
This week, we’re joined by Lauren Cataldi-May to discuss traveling to Walt Disney World with a special needs child. Lauren shares her own personal experience to educate and inform us. This is an episode you won’t want to miss and will definitely want to share!


10/14/17 – Episode 57 – Bad Disney Behaviors
This episode, it’s your show! What did you have to say in reply to our question about bad Disney behavior you’ve witnessed? There’s everything from bus seats to magic killers to views being blocked…. And so much more!


9/30/17 – Episode 56 – Going Solo at Disney
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Jason Biggs as he tells us all about traveling to Disney solo!
What tips, tricks, and advice does he have for a great solo trip? Tune in to find out!


9/16/17 – Episode 55 – Cristina’s Trip Report
This week, we’re joined by my cousin, Cristina Gomez, as she discusses her family’s recent trip to WDW with her husband and two teenage sons. How did she feel about Flight of Passage, The Frozen Ride, and who was the “dead” person on Space Mountain? Tune in to find out! We are having technical difficulties in posting the picture we promised, but we’ll keep trying!

9/2/17 – Episode 54 – The Wells Family’s Supersized Disney Trip
In this episode, we’re joined by Vikki Wells and her son, Ben, directly from Disney World. Join us as they bring us along on their family’s supersized 5-week Disney trip!


8/19/17 – Episode 53 – Michele and Larry’s Disney Life
This week, we’re joined by Michele Popolizio-Ross and Larry Ross, Orlando locals who tell us all about living their Disney Life! They tell us all about how living only a few miles away from the World impacts their day-to-day life and the age-old question of living nearby vs. traveling to the parks. 


8/5/17 – Episode 52 – Tamara’s Trip and Professional Development Course at The Disney Institute
In this episode, we’re joined by Tamara Speidel, who just recently traveled to WDW and took a Professional Development course at the Disney Institute!  Tune in to find out Disney’s approach to plussing your career and all about Tamara’s bucket list trip! 


7/22/17 – Episode 51 – Never Have I Ever:  Disney Edition
This week, Sabrina’s back to play Never Have I Ever, Disney edition.
Play along with us, then post your score and level below. Who among us will be crowned a Disney expert?


7/8/17 – Episode 50 – Trevor and Jessica’s Disney Wedding
For our 50th episode, we’re joined by Trevor and Jessica Rogero as they tell us all about their Disney wedding! 


6/24/17 – Episode 49 – Amanda and Apple’s Disney Wedding
In this latest episode, we’re joined by Amanda and Apple De La Fuente as they tell us all about their Disney wedding  and let us in on a huge announcement! Oh, and Manny’s back too! 


6/10/17 – Episode 48 – Top 5 Disney Dudes
This week, Rebecca Toon is in the House for a very special episode as we count down our top 5 Disney Dudes! Tune in to find out who made the list, and of course The Rock is all over this one!

5/27/17 – Episode 47 – Theme Park Brothers
On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Michael Black from Theme Park Brothers YouTube Channel as we discuss their video series, the Coronado Springs Resort construction, and much more!


5/13/17 – Episode 46 – Disney Pixie Dust
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Kevin Kessler, from the 2 Men and the Mouse Podcast, as we run down your Disney pixie dust experiences. And Kevin goes rogue (see what I did there?) on me when he takes off towards the dark lands…can we get him back on track? Tune in to find out!


4/29/17 – Episode 45 – Ana’s Trip Report
On this week’s episode, we’re joined by my cousin, Ana Maria Oliveira-Cravo, as she tells us all about her family’s recent trip down to Walt Disney World. 

 4/15/17 – Episode 44 – Your Biggest Disney Pet Peeves
In this week’s episode, we’re sharing all of your feedback as we discuss our biggest Disney pet peeves! How many of these will make your list? Tune in to find out! 

4/1/17 – Episode 43 – A Review of the Beauty And The Beast Live Action Movie
It’s our April Fool’s episode, and we’re reviewing the live action Beauty and the Beast movie and bringing you breaking news!

3/18/17 – Episode 42 – Latest News
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Greg Nevius as we discuss all of the latest news coming out of the World. Closings, openings, and rants, oh my!


3/4/17 – Episode 41 – WORST Disney MemoriesWe asked, and boy did you all answer! In this week’s episode, it’s all about YOUR worst Disney memories! You all have shared your stories of trips riddled with illness, irritated parents, lost tickets, and did Manny almost get himself arrested? Tune in to find out!

2/18/17 – Episode 40 – Oiling Around The World
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by our friend, Martha Thomas, as we discuss her family’s day at Hollywood Studios.  Martha explains how they oiled around the World using Young Living Essential Oils to help ease pains, aches, and anxiety.  Tune in to find out how these natural oils can help you ward off the dreaded Disney stomach bug on your next trip, and so much more.  If anyone would like to start using Young Living Essential Oils, here is my link, and you can also contact me with any questions on the Facebook pages, The Mouse In Our House, or at themouseinourhouse@yahoo.com:
Also, for more information regarding Young Living Essential Oils, please go to www.youngliving.com.

2/4/17 – Episode 39 – Ending The Year at WDW
In this episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Toon, as we discuss her trip to WDW for New Year’s. We discuss everything from big crowds, great lounges, good friends, the Carrie Fisher moment, the Christmas Processional, and the New Year’s Eve Illuminations show. Ever wonder what it would be like to be at Epcot on New Year’s Eve? Tune in to find out!


  1/21/17 – Episode 38 – Best Disney MemoriesWe asked, and you answered! In this episode, we discuss your favorite Disney memories and share some of our own. Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and a little something sweet and let’s chat about our magical memories!

  1/7/17 – Episode 37 – Disney Proposals
On our newest episode, it’s all about those magical Disney proposals and the planning that goes into them. We’re joined by two couples, Gemma & Tim Clay and Amanda & Mike Welker, as they recount their fairytale proposals at the most magical place on earth. Tim and Mike each did an amazing job for each of their princesses. You’re going to  love these fairytales!

 12/17/16 – Episode 36 – A Look Back At Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
This week, the whole family is here as we look back at our trip to WDW during the Christmas season and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! And we’re joined by two very special guests as well.

12/3/16 – Episode 35 – It’s All About Star Wars!
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Sabrina and Kevin Kessler, from 2 Men and the Mouse. It’s ALL about Star Wars, and we’re ready to rumble in a 3 on 1 argument as I take on everyone else! How did I do? 


11/19/16 – Episode 34 – Enjoying Coffee Around The World
This week, we’re joined by Chris DeMezzo, Head Roast Master of Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co.  We discuss the delicious coffee offered all around the World, and he offers us some advice on what we’re drinking. So, you know the drill – grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and a little something sweet, and take a listen!


11/5/16 – Episode 33 – Jamberry Nails Convention at Coronado Springs Resort
In this episode, we’re joined by Emily Gomez Olsen as she takes us inside one of the many conventions held at Walt Disney World. Join us as we discover how much fun can be had while still taking care of business!


10/22/16 – Episode 32 – Planning Our Hypothetical Disney Trip
In this week’s episode, we’re bringing you along as we plan a hypothetical Walt Disney World trip. We’ll walk you through how we plan our trips, give you some tips, and give you all of our inside info. Tune in, pack your bags, and get ready to travel down to the World!




10/8/16 – Episode 31 – Touring The World Step By Step:
Animal Kingdom – DinoLand, U.S.A. & Rafiki’s Planet Watch
In this episode, it’s the grand finale of our Touring the World series as we finish up our tour of Animal Kingdom. Good friend of the show, Emily Gomez Olsen joins us as we wrap up this series. Join us as we walk through Dinoland USA and Conservation Station, and are we getting chased by a kimodo dragon?  Tune in to find out!

9/23/16 – Episode 30 – Touring The World Step By Step:  
Animal Kingdom – Africa and Asia
On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Chris Sharps of the MouseChat Podcast, as we continue Our Touring The World Step By Step Series. This time, we journey through Africa and Asia in the Animal Kingdom. Come along, but beware – there are lions, tigers, and….are those bats???


9/10/16 – Episode 29 – Touring The World Step By Step:
Animal Kingdom – Oasis and Discovery Island
On this week’s episode, we’re joined again by Sabrina as we begin our tour of Animal Kingdom. Join us as we tour the Oasis and Discovery Island, tackle bugs at It’s Tough To Be A Bug, and is that Pocahontas? Tune in to find out!

8/26/16 – Episode 28 – Touring The World Step By Step:  Hollywood Studios – Commissary Lane, Pixar Place, Animation Courtyard & Sunset Boulevard
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by a very special guest (Clue: She’s Back!) as we finish touring Hollywood Studios. Join us as we tour Toy Story Midway Mania, The Tower of Terror, and so much more. And what’s going to happen if Kylo Ren tries to scare us? Tune in to find out!


8/12/16 – Episode 27 – Touring The World Step By Step:  Hollywood Studios – Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake & Muppets Courtyard
In this weeks’ episode, we’re joined by Rikki Nibblet, of The Be Our Guest Podcast, Touring Plans.com, A Disney World After All.com, and The Mouse For Less.com, as we explore Hollywood Studios. Come along as we tour Hollywood Boulevard, Star Tours, the Frozen Sing Along show, and so much more!

7/29/16 – Episode 26 – Touring The World Step By Step:
EPCOT – World Showcase:  The American Adventure – Canada

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Mike Rahlmann, of the Be Our Guest Podcast and Magical Mouse Radio, as we finish up our tour of the World Showcase in Epcot. Join us as we tour Japan, France, and what happens every time I’m in Canada? Tune in to find out! And we announce something new for the show.

7/15/16 – Episode 25 – Touring The World Step By Step:  EPCOT – World Showcase:  Mexico – Italy
This week, we’re joined by Rod Wheaton and his son Jake, from the WDW Mousenger Podcast. Together, we explore the World Showcase, from Mexico through Italy. We discuss everything from food to shopping and even the new Frozen Ever After ride…. Spoiler alert! And will Rod invest in the jewelry sold at the Outpost? Tune in to find out!

7/1/16 – Episode 24 – Touring The World Step By Step: EPCOT – Future World West
In this latest episode, we’re joined by Debbie Robertson, of MakingMagicAndMemories.com, and former co-host of The Be Our Guest Podcast, as we tour Future World West at Epcot.  Make sure to join us as we continue to tour the World step by step.


6/17/16 – Episode 23 – Touring The World Step By Step:
EPCOT – Future World East & Showcase Plaza
20150902_174415 (1)
On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Toon as we tour Epcot’s Future World East and Showcase Plaza. Join us for Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and what is Resort Loop Bob’s special relationship to Disney? Tune in to find out!

6/3/16 – Episode 22 – Touring The World Step By Step:  
The Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland
This week, we’re joined by Greg Nevius, from the Mickey Dudes Podcast and Living Disney as we tour Tomorrowland. Join us as we discuss Space Mountain, Stitch, and what is that smell at the Speedway?
Take a listen to find out!


5/20/16 – Episode 21 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – New Fantasyland
Journey of the Little Mermaid
On this weeks’ episode, we’re joined by Kate Smith, of the Mousellaneous DIScussions and Mouseport podcasts, as we tour New Fantasyland.  Come along as we talk Journey  of the Little Mermaid, Dumbo, and Gaston…oh what a guy!  This and so much more!


5/6/16 – Episode 20 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – Classic Fantasyland
Rapunzel's Tower
This week, we’re joined by Dina Barreto, of the 3 Moms And The Mouse Podcast, as we tour Classic Fantasyland. Come along as we tour Cinderella’s Castle, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and what’s going on in the Rapunzel bathrooms?  Tune in to find out!


4/22/16 – Episode 19 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – Liberty Square
This week, we’re joined by Kevin Kessler, of 2 Men And The Mouse and Mouselaneous DIScussions, as we explore Liberty Square in our Touring The World Step By Step Series. Come along as we discuss Liberty Tavern, Julian the alligator, and what’s that brown stuff in the middle of the road?


4/8/16 – Episode 18 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – Frontierland
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by the original Super Looper and my Resort Loop Blogging Team colleague, Joe Quattrocchi! Come along as we tour Frontierland. Tune in to find out what happens as we discuss rafts, turkey legs, and alligators – oh my!!


3/25/16 – Episode 17 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – Adventureland
This week, we continue our Touring the World series, and take an in depth tour of Adventureland. Traveling with us is Dan Overholt from the WDW Park Hopper Podcast. Together, we discuss Pirates, Dole Whips, Jungle Cruise, Loin Cloths, and more! Plus, why is Manny threatening to swing from the chandelier? All the answers are found on this week’s episode!

3/11/16 – Episode 16 – Touring The World Step By Step:
The Magic Kingdom – Main Street, U.S.A.
20150901_193324 (1)
In this episode, we’re joined by Bob Coller, from the Resort Loop Podcast, as we launch our new series, Touring The World Step By Step! In this debut episode, the three of us explore Main Street USA in depth.  And, as Bob splurges and takes us for some ice cream, he gives us the inside scoop on what we can find at the bottom of Mickey’s pants….wait, what??? Tune in to find out! Thanks to Bob Coller for joining us!  We had so much fun recording this episode and hope you find it helpful!



2/26/16 – Episode 15 – Disney Belles & Beaus
In this episode, we discuss who we think are the most beautiful Disney characters inside and out. Plus, Sabrina’s back, we get input from our listeners, and there’s Disney news!

2/12/16 – Episode 14 – Walt Disney World With a 3-Year-Old
This week, we’re joined by our cousin, Ana Maria Oliveira-Cravo, as she tells us about her family’s recent trip and touring around the World with a 3-year-old, including some hiccups along the way.  Tune in for some pointers on how to get through some challenges and still enjoy your trip – plus the latest Disney news.

1/29/16 – Episode 13 – Disneyland From a Teen’s Perspective
Allisa - California
This week, we’re joined by our 15-year-old cousin, Allisa, who gives her unique view on the original Disney park, Disneyland! Everything from attractions, to shows, to food is discussed as we all take a virtual journey of the land where Walt walked.


1/15/16 – Episode 12 – Learning Around The World

20150831_073843This week, we’re joined by our cousin, Diana DaCosta, a school teacher, as we go in depth regarding education in Walt Disney World.  Which attractions at the World are chock full of learning opportunities? Plus, should you take your kids out of school for a Disney trip? Tune in to see what Diana has to say about that!


1/1/16 – Episode 11 – Dining At Disney On $50 A Day

20150903_110900 (1)This week, I’m joined by Greg Nevius, the co-administrator of the “Living Disney” Group on Facebook, a fellow member of the Resort Loop Blogging Team, and the producer of the upcoming “Mickey Dudes Podcast”.  Together, we take a hypothetical trip through Walt Disney World and dine on our $50-a-day budget. Here, we show you how you can still enjoy all of the great snacks, quick service, and table service offerings at Walt Disney World without breaking the bank.

12/18/15 – Episode 10 – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
This week, I’m joined by my husband, Manny; my daughter, Sabrina; and my niece and nephew, Gabriela and Daniel, as we discuss traveling to Walt Disney World as a family and attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We discuss everything from parades, firework shows, restaurants, attractions, and even snow on Main Street!

12/9/15 – Episode 9 – Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Your Disney Trip

P1010868This week, as 2016 is fast approaching and plans for Disney trips are being made, Manny, and I discuss our best tips, tricks, and strategies to make planning your next trip a breeze.

11/20/15 – Episode 8 – Our Disney Thanksgiving
12208868_1156600311035350_6129718669235057932_nThis week, I’m inviting everyone to my Disney Thanksgiving table where my husband, Manny, and our daughter, Sabrina, discuss everything Disney that we’re thankful for, plus much, much more!

11/6/15 – Episode 7 – Emily’s Disney Cruise Trip Review
This week, I’m joined by my friend, Emily Gomez Olsen!  Emily discusses her recent cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy with stops in Cozumel, Mexico; the Grand Cayman Islands; and Falmouth, Jamaica, as well as Castaway Cay.  Her trip also included one night at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort before her cruise, as well as two nights 
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and one day at the Magic Kingdom after her cruise.


10/23/15 – Episode 6 – Dina’s WDW Trip Review
This week, I’m joined by Dina Barreto, from the 3 Moms and The Mouse Podcast and Magical World Vacations!  Dina discusses her recent trip to WDW, including the International Food & Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and more!


10/9/15 – Episode 5 – What We Really, Really Liked
(Or Not) On Our Recent Trip
This week, I’m joined by my family as we discuss the pro’s and con’s from our most recent trip, including a mad scramble for a life-saving bottle of water!


9/25/15 – Episode 4 – Top 5 Best and Worst Disney Parents
This week, I’m joined by the host of 2 Men And The Mouse and Mousellaneous DIScussions and founder of The White Dragon Podcast, Kevin Kessler, as we count down the Top 5 Best and Worst Disney Parents.


9/11/15 – Episode 3 – Our WDW Trip Report
This week, my family and I discuss our recent trip to the World – where we stayed, where we ate,
attractions, character meet and greets, and much, much more.  


8/28/15 – Episode 2 – D23 Announcements


8/14/15 – Episode 1 – Why Do I Love Disney So Much?


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